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 Tourism in Africa


Our aim and objective is promoting Africa and to tell the African stories



Take a Trip in the Desert 


2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - 2021
The Pride Of Africa
Africa's Tourism beyond the Pandemic ZOOM Conference 2020
São Tomé e Príncipe an African Country
Bunyonyi Overland Resort -Western Uganda
Master KG-Jerusalema Challenge Eswatini  2020
The Kingdom of Eswatini @ World Travel Market 2019
Stay @ Rushaga Gorilla Camp to see Silverback Mountain Gorilla
Borso Tall teaches Wolof language from Senegal 
Emburara Safaris @ WTM London 
Uganda Mountain gorilla @ WTM London
Ethiopian Traditional Clothing - African Fashion 
Meet Miss Nigeria 2019- Nyekachi Douglas
Braids Vs Carrying water - Africa comes to Bournemouth 
Republic Of Sénégal @ WTM London  
Meet Miss World South Sudan 2019 Mariah Nyayeina 
Sarah Muwanguzi Gospel Singer & Artist - Ugandan
Ruth Bahika TrekS The Bwindi Forest in Western Uganda 
Do you know what Bostswana means ?
 @ ITB 
 Discover Karamoja
Uganda's Best Kept Secret 
 African Maasai Traditional head piece from Kenya@ WTM
 Africa On the Square Festival
City Of London 
 Ghana @ The World Travel Market  London UK -2018 
East African Community (EAC) @ WTM 2018 London
 Rwandan Dancers @ The World Travel Market 2018 in London
 Global View Consult Company @ ITB Berlin 2018
Republic of Cabo Verde, is an island country in the central Atlantic Ocean
Mestil Hotel in City Of Kampala in Uganda Africa
East Africa is Ready #2021
How to Attract African Men 🇺🇬 Karamojong Rich Culture
Master KG - Jerusalema Challenge - UGANDA 2020
 Gorilla Tekking Experience
in Uganda
Robyn Henry of Secluded Africa @ WTM London
South African Choir -Corona Virus Song 
AIR TANZANIA - Direct Flights launch SOON
KENYA Semi Finalists@Miss World Finals 2019-Question Time
Great Lakes Safaris @ WTM London 
Ghana @ World Travel Market 2019 London 
Oliva Nakakande Miss Uganda 2019 in London 
Uganda ROCKS @ The Miss World Finals  london
Emirates while watching Ugandan Movies 2020 
SUDAN Traditional Wear Explained 
Daisy Byaruhanga from The Kingdom of Bunyoro 
 Performance @ World Travel Market in 2019 London  
 SouthAfrica Dancers @ Africa on the Square London UK 
 Miss Sierra Leone UK.
African Beauty @ WTM 
 Africa Comes to Bournemouth
UK -2019 
Nigerian Fashion @ the Africa comes to Bournemouth Event 2019
 UGANDA @ World Travel Market in London Nov 2018
Karamojong Dance @ The Teso Dev. International Conference 2018
Wuntanara's Drumming circle @ Africa on the Square 2018
 République du Mali @ ITB Berlin 2018 
 Uganda Stand @ The World Travel Market 2018
 5th Teso Development International Conference, 2018
 The Kingdom Of eSwatini. @ The World Travel Market 2018
 Africa @ ITB Berlin 2018 Part Four
Uganda @ ITB Berlin 2018
 Uganda came 5th @ ITB Berlin Tourism
Africa on the Square 2017
 Trafalgar Square London
Sao Tome and Principe  WTM 2017
 Paulo Andrade - HBD Prince
World Travel Market 2017 - DAY THREE Highlights 
São Tomé and Príncipe Day ONE 
at  World Travel Market 2017
World Travel Market 2017 - DAY ONE Highlights 
Landlord Information Event - London Borough of Redbridge 2017
Ghana @ World Travel Market 2016 London
World Travel Market 2016 London
São Tomé and Príncipe 
World Travel Market @ Excel  London
World Travel Market @ Excel  London
 Final Day @ ITB Berlin 2018 
Tourism in Africa
 último dia com São Tomé e principe -ITB Berlin 2018
 São Tomé e Príncipe @ ITB Berlin 2018
Uganda @ ITB Berlin 2018 Part One
Uganda at the International Day November 2017 , UK Defence Academy S
São Tomé and Príncipe  Day THREE 
 World Travel Market 2017
H.E Paul Kagame at the World Tourism Awards 2017
World Travel Market 2017 - DAY TWO Highlights 
Let's Move Africa @ The Grand Connaught Rooms' London 2017 
Sheila Mandeya Of Afrocentric805
East Africa @ World Travel Market London 2016
Uganda - UK Midlands Trade & Investment Conference 2017 

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